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whatsapp datingIn Russia, ten operating nuclear power plants, and two more — Severskaya and Obninskaya are already closed. Total in our country there are 12 cities of nuclear scientists: Udomlya, Novovoronezh, Balakovo, Sosnovy Bor, Desnogorsk, Polyarnye Zori, Zarechny, Bilibino, Obninsk, Kurchatov, Seversk, Volgodonsk. The total population of these cities currently exceeds 800 thousand inhabitants, most of whose residents use WhatsApp, Telegram or Viber instant messengers.

Dating in Russian cities of nuclear scientists

At the same time, it is rather strange that the dating sphere is poorly developed in such cities. Take the largest cities of nuclear scientists in Russia:

  • Balakovo — 189 thousand people
  • Volgodonsk — 170 thousand people
  • Obninsk — 115 thousand people
  • Seversk — 107 thousand people

The population of these cities, as can be seen above, exceeds 100 thousand people, but in the most popular dating communities, on average, there are 1-2 thousand users. And the largest group on the social network Vkontakte, dedicated to dating in Volgodonsk, has 20 thousand people.

In small cities of nuclear scientists, this number is even smaller. For example, in the same Bilibino or Novovoronezh there are no communities with more than 500 people. As a result of the ratio of the number of people in groups and the total number of residents, it can be understood that only about 10% of nuclear scientists are interested in the field of dating.

Why it happens? Indeed, if you look on the one hand, then employees of nuclear power plants receive high wages, according to statistics. They basically have a large social package, live in cities with good infrastructure, medicine, preschool and school education. These people monitor their health, eat right, undergo regular medical examinations. In many cities, nuclear scientists have very popular fast healthy food delivery chains, like Loveat in Kharkov. They are mainly used for dinner orders after work.

On the other hand, workers in the nuclear industry are mostly people of the older generation and, as a result, are more distant from social networks. And at the same time, these are, accordingly, mainly family people, who are not interested in the topic of new acquaintances. It also affects the hard work in the first years of work at the station, when all the free time spent on work is spent on additional education, which is simply necessary to take exams at work and get promoted.

Where do Russian nuclear scientists get to know each other?
If you draw social networks, you can see that the main communities devoted to dating among Russian nuclear scientists are on the social network Vkontakte and to a much lesser extent in Odnoklassniki. The aforementioned dating community in Volgodonsk with the number of subscribers of 20 thousand people is also located in this social network.

We are not talking about and networks or popular instant messengers — Viber, Whatsapp or Telegram. The reason for this, most likely again the age of most workers in this area.

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